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Join an existing business of Customer Service Home Professionals

What we do:

   Provide Quality Customer Service to Clients contracted to Arise to handle customer support and service on various client programs - Arise clients own some of the most recognized brands in the world.

About HHC Center Solutions, LLC:

   We are one of many Independent Business Owners associated with Arise to assist in hiring qualified Client Support Professionals to service various types of Clients.  HHC Center Solutions, LLC contracted themselves in 2012 with Arise due to the High Quality of Client structure, No Cold call sales, just straight Customer Service work for great Companies, where you can work strictly from the comfort of your own home.  HHC Centers was established in 2012 under HHC Solutions, LLC.  Due to the demand of more Client openings we found it prudent to expand our operations and help the economy by hiring Independent Contractors to assist in servicing Clients in the Arise Network.


How Do I Get Started?

      1.   Set up an Online Interview by Clicking Here

     2.   The Hiring Process is a two to seven day process initiated through the Partner Admissions website

         From there you will:

            a.   Set up a CSP profile (referring ID# 702291). 

            b.   You will complete a brief Voice Assessment

            c.   Complete a Criminal background check 

            d.   Certify as a Client Support Professional  

            e.   Join HHC Center Solutions, LLC (Emp ID #46712)

            f.   Train and Certify with an Arise Client  

Just so you know:

         In order to work from home you must have Internet Service, a computer with Windows 7 or older,  and a dedicated home phone line (no Vonage or VOIP phone system). 

If you have any questions, Please feel free to Fill in the comments section in the form.  We will be HAPPY to assist you!