Welcome to my website!!  There are quite a few purposes for this site.

As you can see by the website title, my name is Heather Kemp.  The purpose of this website is to give everyone an idea of who I am as a person, what I do and how I do it.  My “Journal” is aPosting Picture page where I write my personal thoughts and ideas for different areas of life.  It helps to give you all a sense that I am a real person, who wants to be able to help others.

There are many areas where I like to help.  My passions are working a business from home and actually making a sustainable income, Self-development, DIY (Do-It-Yourself) projects, and Mentoring.


I used to work a 9 to 5 career.  I love to work, but I was a single mom of my two children and my career took so much time away from them.  My bosses always asked for my time when there were school events, sports events, plays, so on and so forth.  Of course for some of them I could say no, but you can only say no to your job so many times before they cut your paycheck.

Cut paychecks also meant less food, or partial utilities paid, and this cannot happen when you are trying to raise your children in a warm home with food they can eat.  We have never gone hungry, however, there were moments where I wasn’t sure how we were going to make it to the next month.

That is when I began searching for other ways to make a part time income where it wouldn’t take away more time from my children.  I had found a Virtual Call Center, where I could work part time at home, setting my own hours and taking phone calls from customers making purchases from different types of infomercials.

classroomWhile the extra part time money was good, I found that even though I was home with my children, the amount of time I was spending on the phones working was still taking away from the quality of time I had with them.

I had found a couple of MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) Companies and I knew I could do that, but found that I was not a “salesperson”.  I loved the companies, what they had to offer, but absolutely NO idea on how to market these programs to recruit members and make them stick.

Then it happened……. My position in Security was no longer needed in my area and I had a decision to make.  Move 9 hours away to a city I don’t like for a raise and better position, and away from one of my children, or be laid off completely.  The incentive for being laid off was a great severance package that would keep my family sustained for two years.  Leaving one of my children was not an option for me obviously, so I took the severance package and was laid off.

On my very last day of work, instead of going home, I went to Starbucks instead.  I ran into one of my friends who happened to be successful business owner.  He knew that I went to college strictly for business management and asked me why I never tried starting my own business.  I actually started laughing, more because I didn’t believe in myself enough.  I really didn’t think I had what it took to be able to start and run my own business.

I went home that night and began brainstorming business ideas.  I was thinking about the MLM’s that I had and wondered if I could make them work now that I had plenty of time on my hands.  That night I found the MAIN source of what my income was going to become!  I had found a company who offered a portal for Virtual Customer Service Representatives.  I found that with this company, you could both become an Independent Business and hire representatives to work customer service for a client of their choice, or just become a Customer Service Rep working for ANOTHER Independent Business but still being able to pick the client I wanted to work for.  The main difference is, as an Independent business I make money from not only the hours I choose to take calls, but also make money from the hours of people to I bring in as Customer service reps.

I cannot mention the first or second clients I worked for, however, I did become my own independent business through this portal and chose to work as a CSP (Customer Service Professional) for a very well-known bookstore.  I worked as a CSP for an entire year before I chose to begin hiring others into my business, just so that I had that experience to show those I brought in with me.

Multi-Level Marketing and Affiliate Marketing

There are SOOOOO many scams out there it is insane!!! I am sure that if you have been looking around online for different ways to make income from home you have run into a scam or Connected People in Networkten.  I have always stuck though with two that I love and make the whole automated money process truly functional.  Still my only issue was how to market them.

Then I found my golden goose!!  It was an online community of like-minded individuals looking to do the same thing as I was.  It is a community where you are given literally step by step instructions on how to market ANY and ALL businesses online.

Even if you are a newbie, these online lessons explain each step clearly so even the most inexperienced can build their own online business.

In the beginning I was a bit skeptical, but the Lessons to get you going and get your business off the ground is completely free.  So I went through the entire lesson.  By the time I was finished with the entire first lesson, I had already made $17.95 from the Affiliate Marketing website I created due to the lessons.  $17.95 may not sound like a lot of money, but when you were not expecting to really make anything to begin with, this was amazing.  That was when I had decided that the extended lessons were completely worth the monthly subscription, and I was right.

Making an income online is as simple as knowing exactly what your favorite thing to do is.  What is your passion?  Any passion, any hobby, any thought or idea can be your source of income if you are looking to making money or an income from home.  All that is needed is the right person to be able to show you exactly how to accomplish this.

I mentioned that one of my passions is Self-Development, which also includes mediation and exercise.

Self Development

I am a person who is spiritually eclectic.  I believe how everyone and everything has energy to it.  I am all about positive, happy, and healing energy.  I have seen the power of positive energy, and being able to share it with others brings joy into my life.

It does not matter what Religion you are, any type of positive energy will help everyone.  Think about the power of prayer, even for non-Christians who pray, especially when praying for something positive, happy, and selfless.  Statistics show that no matter who you are, the more positive energy you give to others, the happier and healthier you are.  (Yes I have a website for this now too J)beverly-sills-quote-wallpaper-1920x1200


Please feel free to explore this entire website, leave comments and feedback.  If you are looking to learn more about making an income from home, Please feel free to drop me a line.

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