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This ENTIRE Website is about different ways that I make a living from home.  It is not designed to SELL.  It is designed to inform you that I have made the Computer, the Internet, and a No PITCH way of doing Sales a living that I can survive off of!! 

There are many different venues to get to know all about me and who I am, but as a short introduction:

My name is Heather.  I am a single mother of two wonderful kids.  I used to work an hourly corporate job, but now I am working for myself.  I work at home with teenagers running in and out, 4 dogs who seem to always want more attention than even the children do, my bills are paid, I have a house, I play in a small town Softball League.  Basically, I now live my life the way I want.  My life and my work revolve around each other.

There are also many different ways to make a living for yourself as well.  I use 3 different venues that I have incorporated in and around each other which works. 

Check out the Entire site, if you have any questions and would like to know more...... go ahead and email me: