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Inspiration Is Found Through Loving Who You Are



My name is Heather Kemp and this website is all about who I am, what I do, and how I live my life the way I want to live it!!
Some of us are always looking to the scenery in the distance, scenery that is always ahead of us and never right where we are.
We revel in the beauty that seems so far away, almost untouchable.
It never dawns on us to take that same time to revel in the beauty that is right in front of us.  We don’t appreciate the small things that make up the whole.
This is where I have changed my view in life because connection is so much more than a distant scene.  Connection is about reveling in all the senses we are given and sharing them with other living creatures.
20130507_041422000_iOSI am a business woman, a business owner, a mother, a daughter, full time worker, and very proud grandmother.   What I consist of, does not stop at this short list though.  I can change and mold myself to be anyone I want at any moment.
I am someone who does not define herself by age, the money I make, my possessions, or my educational background.
When I am told to “act my age”, I usually respond with “I am, my perception of age must be much different than yours, and your opinion of me does not make me who I am”.
My passions in life are:
  1. Helping others learn how to create the lives that they want, by learning how to overcome what is no longer of use to them while learning how to love themselves in every aspect.
  2. Getting to know different cultures and people.
  3. Building and teaching online business methods like Network Marketing and Affiliate Marketing.
  4. Dallas Cowboys!!  I love football both professional and High School especially when I get to watch my son play!  (I do not let the politics of others determine my love for the game, however, all these new rules do!!)
  5. Photography and Nature
  6. Learning True Self Help
Building your own type of success and loving yourself, is truly an amazing feeling.  There are so many people out there that will complain daily about their job, or complain that they just can’t make enough money, yet they won’t step out of their comfort zone to change it!
racial friendsIt doesn’t matter who you are or what your background is, it is, and always will be up to YOU to change your OWN life.
If you are continually failing, and wondering why you just can’t seem to grow in life, then now is the time to begin changing your behavior so that you do begin to succeed.
I spent A LOT of time learning many different self-help courses, and each one had something to teach, but the core to each one, is finding that part inside of you that loves and believes in yourself.  Once you love and believe in yourself, in all aspects, your life will INSTANTLY change.  I guarantee it!
Self Help DOES work, but it only works for those who can mentally reach inside themselves and find that piece of them (or pieces) that need to be fixed, changed, or gotten rid of.  Not everyone gets it.  Those who say Self Help doesn’t work are the ones who don’t have the vision, and prefer to continue living in their own self-pity and darkness.


I thank you for visiting my site.  Explore, Learn, but most of all have fun!

If you are someone who is in need of personal advice or just needing someone to vent to, Please feel free to email me at Advice@HeathersPage.ws.

B.Y.O.B. – Be Your Own Boss