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Changes – Why It’s Inevitable and How to Learn to Accept It

Change is Inevitable Change is a part of life, and for some this subject of change can be really hard to accept. None of us can avoid change, so we either learn to adapt or we live miserably within ourselves.  So how do we learn to live with change in our lives?

Lessons Learned by Allowing Myself to Feel the Pain

I am not saying that it is ok to wallow in it, that is actually one of the worst things you can do. I get the feeling, the hurt, the pain.  However, I will keep getting on that horse and do it all over again.   This last one left a little bit of a […]

“…Let Go of Knowing Who You Are…” T.B.

A couple of weeks ago, I suffered a break up.  Even strong, positive people will feel hurt and pain.  Strong people are strong because they understand that no matter what happens in life, they can survive through some of the harshest emotional conditions. This does not by any means, mean that they do not feel […]

B.Y.O.B. – Be Your Own Boss