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About Heather

Hello, my name is Heather Kemp.20130507_041422000_iOS

My purpose is to try and help others find their way of living to their own potential in their own way.

I didn’t start out in life in the best of circumstances, in fact from the age of 5 to 15, I was abused and broken, by an adoptive father.  My biological mother, for reasons I don’t know, stayed with this man despite my agony.

I had an older brother whom I did not know, because he was sent out for adoption when I was only just a baby, but did grow up with a little brother.  This little brother at times treated me just as horribly because it is all he knew, until he grew into such a smart and loving man who I love and adore.

I held on to the belief that someday I would either be rescued or I would become 18 and could then create my own life the way that I wanted.  Both ended up coming true.

It was a long road to self-esteem, and being able to hold a conversation that included eye contact, but eventually it happened because I did not want to family n me 7ever be considered a victim.  I was going to be strong to be able to help others out of similar situations.  It does not matter what your past was, with determination, self-awareness, and a little bit of outside help, ANYONE can overcome their own adversity, to create the life that you want.  (In the picture to the right, I am the unhappy child in the green)

It is now 2017, the two younger brothers that I have are two of my most favorite people in the world.  I am also very happy to announce that my older brother, whom I did not know growing up, has found us and I love him just as much as I would have if he was always in my life from day one.

I am a single mother of two wonderful children, one having become an adult and graduated high school, the other beginning his high school life and entertaining me every day.

Now I want to be able to help others be able to achieve their own level of self-esteem and self-love that will allow them to wake up happy every day, and look forward to not only facing but beating the life challenges that we all get to face on a daily life basis.

20151107_054518000_iOSI used to dread having to face any life challenge.  However, now that I have found that clearing out what no longer serves me, and learning that I really am worth the life that I was given, and realizing that I really do love myself, these so called “life challenges” are really only just lessons to be learned, cleared, and forgotten. 

Some I find I really cherish and others I have to just let go and moved on from.  The biggest hurdle in my life was learning and understanding that it really does NOT matter what others think of me and my own choices.  My own opinion does matter and if others dislike me because of who I am then they are not worth my time.

When you finally realize your own worth, the friends that you are meant to have, like you for exactly who YOU are and not what they want you to be, Period.  There are ways of dealing with family members who can be toxic to your mindset and your own personal truth who are not always accepting to who you are inside.  I get that family isn’t always who you need them to be , but you can learn to block their negativity, and still be able to love them for who they are.

You see, my purpose is a genuine one, and I do this through many different ways from getting deep into the energy of a person through numerology and tarot.  I have conservative views with a modern life mindset, however I have studied many religions and faiths, but have found that I have my own set of eclectic beliefs that allow me to interact with many different types of people in a very positive way without judgement and isolation.13263912_10208815900291384_1994499910106503385_n

Through this website you will get to know me more and more.

I can help anyone with either self help to happy living all the way to teaching anyone how to create, build, and successfully run their own online business.  (It does not necessarily have to be online, however that is where my specialty lies is online services and support).

I just want to thank you for taking the time to read this page.  I wish everyone the happiest of days and may you be blessed in all that you do!

I love humankind!






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