Are You Racist or a Judgmental Prick?

Hello my fellow humans.

Today I am writing for both myself and for everyone else living this life. I also know that in the spirit of writing this I am being judgmental.

I want to talk about the state of this life we are living in right now. 

I am one single person, who has a voice, but sometimes I feel like I have no leg to stand on because I am a white woman living in a world that does not recognize life the way life should really be.

A person is a person, no matter what race, religion, sex, or orientation we are.

I recognize that right now I am being a judgmental prick, but I am judgmental or I dare even say prejudice against ANYONE who discriminates against another due to race, religion, sexual orientation, etc.

To say that I don’t recognize color is completely wrong.  I recognize the color of each individual’s skin because EVERYONE has the right to be recognized.  I also recognize your eye color, style of your hair, and most likely your rear end regardless of sexual orientation. (I like butts) Each one of us in our many different colors, shapes and sizes are all absolutely beautiful, in our own individual ways. 

We can all have our own version of heaven. Think of the fun you might have learning what another’s is even if it is different than yours. You don’t have to change your views. It’s our EGO’s that has to be right.

A box of crayons or colored pencils would not exist if there was only one color.  This earth would not be beautiful if it were just one color.

I have met Black people, Asian women, White women, Indian women, many women so damn beautiful that I get neat little chills that rise up my spine.  Black men, white men, Asian men, Indian men, and many men so attractive that I felt I was “in love” with some of them.  Hell, both my children, are a mix of something.

My son’s father is full-blood Filipino. I am a mixture of European, mostly Irish. My daughter’s father, Sicilian.

None of my relationships have ever been about race or culture, only about attraction.  That includes friendship.  If you are a good person, who cares about others, who isn’t judgmental, and has a sense of humor, those are the people I surround myself with.

Another fact that pisses me off to no fucking end are those people who say they cannot be racist simply because only white people can be racist.

At some point in time, EVERYONE has been unjustifiably, unfairly and badly judged because of their skin, religion, and sexual orientation. We are also judged by those that are considered to be our own peers, when we do not feel the same pressures the way another feels we should.

Every judgmental person’s problem is their goddamned EGO.  If you discriminate against ANY other individual, because of the color of their skin, period, is a Racist. (Even I am agreeing to the fact that I am being judgmental against these egomaniacs.

I eat watermelon, because I was raised growing a garden and on farms.  It is what I know.  I eat chicken, it’s a farm animal that I helped raise as a child. I eat pig because well, Bacon. I drink Kool-Aid because it was the cheapest “juice” out there and I was raised abused and poor. And I LOVE food from other cultures because I was taught that it is rude to not try anything at least once, especially if it is offered.

My ancestors were Irish, Scottish, Polish, and even some German.  I am fascinated by the history of Renaissance period to the Elizabethan Era.  My fascination is not because I agree with the way people lived then, in fact I find it sad that being a Royal, a Monarch, or anyone in any sort of power was constantly judged and always had a death target on their back by others seeking that power, even among their own “friends”. (Not that this has changed all that much today)

I know those people, mainly women, who are always whispering about someone behind their back, trying to take away someone else’s power because they have none of their own.

I am also fascinated by the Culture and History of many other places as well, each one, is important in shaping the world as it is today.

Let me repeat that…

Each and Every culture, on this planet earth, whether good or bad is important in the shaping of the world that it is today. 

It is important for EVERY human on this planet, to know or have some knowledge of EVERY cultures history.

With that being said and repeated, it is also very important for each of us, whether we agree, disagree, or are indifferent to someone else’s culture and history, allow each other the chance to love and grow without suffering for the sins of our ancestors.

Now if you are a megalomaniac, or someone who prides themselves on stepping on others for their own personal gain (most of our politicians, government, and others seeking power), those are the people who need to feel the pressure of their people.  ALL of their people. 

I know that my one little piece of rant today is not going to fix the world’s problems, and here is why…

Since the beginning of time, the beginning of the human race on this planet, there have been 4 types of people.  Those who seek to control others, those who want to fight the tyranny, those who want to just live-in peace and harmony, and those who are indifferent to life.

The battle between “strong vs. weak” will always and forever be a struggle, but I will pray everyday that maybe someday, it will no longer be a struggle between sex, religion, race, or culture.

Bless you all,


Reverend Heather Ann Malloy

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