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Changes – Why It’s Inevitable and How to Learn to Accept It

Change is Inevitable

Change is a part of life, and for some this subject of change can be really hard to accept.

None of us can avoid change, so we either learn to adapt or we live miserably within ourselves.  So how do we learn to live with change in our lives?

Why is Change Inevitable

First let’s ask the question, why is change inevitable?  To answer this, we must accept the fact that we were born in this life to die!  It is the cold hard truth of the matter, but it does not have to be a negative thing.

Every person, religion or faith has some sort of law or belief system on both life and death itself.  The most common belief is that our soul is placed into a human body, to learn a life full of lessons, in order to ascend in some way in the afterlife, or our true home body.

Some believe that we are just born into a meat suit, we live, and then we die.  That’s it, no grand theme or scheme of things, no meaning to life what-so-ever.  We are just here and then we are gone. 

No matter what you believe in, change is inevitable, whether it is change in the status of your life, change in perception, change in friends, or change in family.  Not everything in your life will stay static.

You can either choose to change yourself, or change comes suddenly and without warning (usually this is a death or accident of someone who is close to you).

Sometimes, your job suddenly loses all of it’s resources, customers, or validity and you are stuck needing to find a new job or income resource.

This is why many believe that we are placed on this earth to learn lessons in our lives, which would help to explain why at some point, somethings MUST change.

You might keep the same friends in high school, or you may even stay in the same town you have always been in.  Sometimes, that town will either grow and become bigger in business and in population, or your town will lose population, businesses will shut down, and you now must travel for work, entertainment, and sustenance.

Again, no matter what does or doesn’t change, the one thing that does stay the same is that death will come to all of us eventually, and you will have to deal with that change in your life.

Learning to Cope and Deal with Change.

There are those that do have a very hard time learning to cope with change, this includes myself.  The ease of Coping with change always only depends on the individual.

Not to say that all change is bad or negative, because it isn’t, death itself in my opinion is not bad or negative either, just a fact.  How you live until you get there is what makes it either a positive or a negative.

We all welcome positive changes, but what I am talking about here is coping with the negative.  

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