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Right now I am working on sending my 16 year old son to Washington DC and Gettysburg, PA. through WorldStrides.

While I am able to pay for some of this trip, being a single mom of this teenage boy, and helping out my daughter with her brand new baby girl, while working my business does make money a little tight.

My children’s education is important to me, and so I do ask for a little help when it comes to getting things done.  However, I am not the type of mother to ask for a handout without providing some sort of product or service in return.

My children and I work hard to do the typical fundraising that it requires to make the extra income that we need to cover the extra things that go over and above our means (since we do our best not to live above those means).

For this trip we are going to be selling and shipping out Cookie Dough and I want to make sure everyone has all of the information needed to stay informed!!

The following is the Invitation Letter from WorldStrides AND Nick’s teacher, Mr. McCullar.


Below you find the Trip Details, keeping in mind that I did sign him up before the June 1, 2018 deadline for the discount:

In fact, if you are one of our generous donors, or would like to see our progress in payments for this trip feel free to go to the following link and enter the information that you see below:


There you will see how much is left to be paid for the trip.  Or you can stay updated by coming to this page and watching our Trip Thermometer:

Fundraising ideas for schools, churches, and youth sports teamsI will update this every time I get a notification that there has been a payment to the account, including the payments I make of course!!

The Fundraising Item we are selling is from ABC Fundraising who presents:


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