Heather’s Promise

Heather’s Page features everything about me as a person.  My personality, my opinions, and my hopeful overall general sense of positivity and growth, with a little bit of realism thrown in.

What you see is what you get from my personality, no hyped-up sales pitches or messages.

I am far from perfect, and I am not everyone’s cup of tea.  I will not promise that I won’t offend anyone, because after all, none of us can please everyone all the time.

I do promise that I will not purposefully try to hurt anyone’s feelings, in general, I am a kind person and I love almost ALL human beings.

(Disclaimer: I try to be as respectful as possible but if you do not like what I say, walk away or move on to another subject that may agree with your own opinions, please do not try to get me shut down. 
Remember:  what’s right for you may not be right for me, so show me the same respect as you would yourself and I will do the same.  Even better, write me an email, hopefully in a respectful tone.  I love having discussions with others of a different opinion, because new compromises can be learned and shared, but only discussions will I tolerate.  Come at me in a disrespectful or hateful tone and I will simply delete your email.)

Everyone is of their own opinion which should be respected, even if it’s not your opinion.

I do promise that I will try to help anyone that comes my way.  I will do my best to answer your questions, and help with any issue, but remember that I ask a lot of questions as well to help you really get to the root of the problems.

I promise to remind you that you can be your own best friend or your own worst enemy.  If you need help, you must promise yourself that you will take the necessary steps in order for you to accomplish your own success, no matter what goal I am helping you to accomplish.

I promise to keep any and all of your information private.  Personal private and business information that you have shared with me will stay with me, but I also must remind everyone of this:

(Disclaimer:  I am not a doctor, I am a Life Coach, so the Doctor / Patient Privacy Clause will not apply, However if you are an official client of mine, you and I both will sign a confidentiality clause.  I also must remind everyone that I will not help you with, or be privy to ANY criminal activities, Domestic abuse, or Child abuse of ANY kind.  I will report any such activity to the authorities.)

With that said, if you are someone who is the “victim” in one of these situations, and seeking help I will keep your information confidential, I will do my best to encourage you to seek shelter and get away from this type of situation, but I will promise to do this in a very loving, non-aggressive, and non-pushy manner.

If you have any questions, please email me at Heather.Kemp@heatherspage.ws.

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