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How to Tell If You Are Shy – How to Recover From Shyness

One of my favorite speakers “Infinite Waters” covered Shyness the other day, and how you can tell if you or others are shy which I would like to cover here:

Grabbing for your phone:

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During small or large social gatherings, you find yourself reaching for your phone.  Phones have become a “best friend” of sorts for some people who have a hard time holding a conversation with others.

There are some people who have a very hard time in social situations and their phone helps to fill those awkward moments for them.

One way to recover a part of your shyness is to force yourself to put your phone down, even for 5 minutes, and face the people around you.  For some I know this sounds hard, but after a few times of doing this, it does get easier and easier to face other people. (more…)

Le-Vel – Mind, Body, and Abundance

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Energetic Cords and How They Affect You

energetic cord 1Have you ever wondered why in one moment you are so full of energy, clarity, and productivity; Then the next moment you feel drained, fatigued, and just not wanting to do anything?

You are a vibrating microcosmic universe of multifaceted energy. You are not just your body; you are a made of many layers, and levels of vibration, intention, and light. Some call this the Aura, the rainbow of light seen around you with spirit eyes. I call this your energetic story! (more…)

B.Y.O.B. – Be Your Own Boss