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Inspiration Is Found Through Loving Who You Are

“…Let Go of Knowing Who You Are…” T.B.

A couple of weeks ago, I suffered a break up.  Even strong, positive people will feel hurt and pain.  Strong people are strong because they understand that no matter what happens in life, they can survive through some of the harshest emotional conditions.

This does not by any means, mean that they do not feel at all, and that they do not struggle with heartbreak.

During those times, we do seek out help because our emotions can be too much to handle.

I reached out and asked the universe to help me through the pain that I was going through because the man that I had fallen in love with, had given up on me, and just walked out.

I had fallen for this man deeply enough to be able to tell him my dark secrets, as well as the things that happened in my past that hurt me even to this day…

  1. Being lied to
  2. Not cheating on me, but doing it and then throwing it in my face
  3. Not being strong enough to handle me at my worst, because dammit if I wasn’t there when they were at theirs
    1. (i.e. being hurt in the middle of the night because they suffer from a condition called “REM Sleep Disorder Behavior” (RBD) which could have killed me, and several other times caused bruising)
    2. (Getting so drunk that you cannot control certain functions (I won’t elaborate but it’s a thing)
    3. (Getting so drunk that you have to be almost carried out to a vehicle to leave the bar)
    4. and many more.

I loved this man enough to try and encourage him to continue being the man that he was.  I encouraged him to spend time with his family.  I encouraged him to go to his luau’s, I encouraged him to go surfing because he missed it soooo much.

Every time he told me that he would rather be right next to me, and still turned around and blamed me for not loving him enough, because his way of loving is smothering.  His belief of being in love meant that I should have fallen to my knees thanking the heavens everyday that he was in my life and worshiping the ground he walked on.

While I believed that love is a partnership where each person gets to be the individual that they are, loving the individual things they love to do, while at times being able to share said things, and coming together at the end of the day to discuss what it was about that day that was so amazing.

I momentarily forgot all of this until I spoke with Taylor Brearley.  When I reached out to the universe and asked for guidance and help in feeling better, I was guided to this man.  I might tell you the story sometime, but for now that is not what mattered.

What mattered is this man gave me his time, more than normally allotted.  He had to remind me that I was going to survive this, and then he quoted me the following “The moment you let go of knowing who you are is the same moment that you discover yourself.”

I understood the premise behind his statement, so I took the next couple of weeks to really let it sink in.

I have always known myself to be a determined, strong willed individual, who doesn’t allow others to cross my boundaries, nor will I let them control my situations and outcomes.  I am the one who has always kept a pretty tight grip on what I believe is right for my life.

So I sat back each night, maybe even drank a little, focused on this statement, and allowed myself to see myself as someone other than who I thought myself to be.  This was my process to realize that I don’t have to be anything I originally thought myself to be.

I don’t have to be so strict about my boundaries, just honor them.

I do not have to guard my feelings, emotions, and fears, because who I am to others is what allows them to love me for me, who ever I happen to be in that moment.  My friends love me, because I can be kind, generous, light-hearted and even fun, even when I am not in control.


I feel refreshed, happy, and completely ready to continue facing my life.  There will be days that I am sure that I will still feel some negativity and pain from this experience, but each time that I do, I will learn something new about myself because I am not the same person on a day to day basis.

I feel this new sense of being and life because Taylor Brearley helped me to see new sides of everything.  I opened myself up to him and allowed him to teach me.

While I never told this man about my family, or those who have passed, he was able to connect to them in order to help me through the anguish.

Even if you are a skeptic, or do not believe what so ever in divine power, he is still worth the time and money to speak to.  Tell him what you feel, and what you need help with, and he will.

If you want to learn more about Psychic Taylor, and what qualifies him to help you, please feel free to visit his website at:



He is profound, and will help you by using his own specific gifts and knowledge.


Just so you are aware, I do not get any compensation for writing this.  It was due to my own experience with Taylor that I was honored to write this article.

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