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SFI – One of My Favorites

What is SFI?

It is an affiliate program where you can build and earn an income many different ways, without ever having to pay a dime for anything in the program.

SFI stands for Six Figure Income.

In order to learn for yourself the benefits of SFI, anyone can sign up for free and begin earning as soon as possible.



Why I love it so much:

  1. Within my first month I had already become a Bronze Team Leader, working my way up to Silver Team Leader.
  2. I have already sponsored 2 Active Referrals and 27 Referrals that I get to email until they quit their accounts J
  3. I have earned over 5000 credits
  4. Built up my own little Store (Earning up to 52% on most of my customers purchases)
  5. Amazing support from my Sponsors (and being that I love this program so much, you will get amazing support from me as well)
  6. Tips, suggestions and Training that works.
  7. I make up to $10 per sign up, just for having someone use my PPA link, to sign up to a free account (These persons won’t be in my downline, I am basically getting paid for advertising the link itself) Using “Incentive Marketing” by offering to pay the user a $1 for signing up.  Then offering to teach them how to do the same thing.  (Basically I paid out $5 in order to make $45!!  So if I decide to invest $20 in 20 people, I will make $180 profit!!)
  8. It is free to use (Read below on what I will personally offer you)
  9. There is so much more, however, you may just not have the time to read it all but the point is, I am a part of a program that is fun, rewarding, and so easy to use and do!


Click any of the banners on this page to read some of SFI’s exclusive benefits.  Below though I have listed some important benefits I personally feel are important:

    1. Once you sign up, those that are brand new to affiliate marketing can start earning credits and points right away just by following the SFI LaunchPad Training and clicking the green button at the bottom of each page.
    2. If you sign up, and I am your sponsor, I will invite you into my own personal co-op, which means that you will earn your own PSA’s through MY marketing efforts. (and you still haven’t had to spend any money.
    3. I will also send you a newsletter sign-up link. This link will allow me to send you training and updates on how to build your own SFI Network.  This training will cover everything from how to easily attract more PSA’s (Like using the same Incentive Marketing Strategy that I used)



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