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Sharing My Dating Experience

Today I have decided that I am going to share with everyone my dating experience.  For those that are male-female datinglooking for tips to finding the right person for you, I would like you to follow along to bear witness to how dating can work.


I am going to throw in some past experiences that I have recently gone through, as well as discussing the current dates that I have been on.


Keep in mind that some of the names will be changed or only first names will be used for anonymity reasons.


I am also going to include other areas of my life, when it comes to handling friends and family, because we all know that some people fear letting go of toxic people, which can include these categories of people as well.


tiki manTo begin, I am going to introduce Chris. (Will add his true photo when I get his permission)  I have been out on a couple of dinners with him, a wine and conversation night at a friends house, and a series of text message conversations.


One of my boundaries is the speed at which I date.  I am looking for a life long partner, not just some guy to date and maybe fill up my time when I am not with my kids and family.


That life long partner in my eyes should be my best friend, and I personally will not settle for anything less.  The man will inspire me to be the best person I can be, will love and know me for who I am and not just because I can make him feel good about himself all the time.


The first thing that I am not going to do, is imagine what our wedding and life is going to be like.  I might at times look at what I want for my future and see if he can fit into that mold, but I am not going to imagine this “perfect life” with a man that I do not know yet.


I will admit though, that the time I have spent with him, and the conversations that I have had have turned out to both enlightening and impressive.

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