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The Biological Father

I may not be a perfect person, in fact I am far from it, but I can say for sure that I did my best as a mother.

My children, were both spoiled and disciplined, and both have grown up to be amazing people.

I can also say with love and certainty that I have a wonderful fantastic relationship with both of my children.  They also, in turn, happen to love and respect one another, and it fills my heart with so much love and pride to see them react with one another.


I didn’t meet this man until I was 18 years old, and even then at the age of 42 do not know anything about this man because he himself has not attempted to contribute to my life, the life of my children, nor the lives of my brother and sister who are also products of his sperm.

The only meaningful thing this man has done for any of us is brought the three of us together.  End of story.

Yet this man gets pissed at us because we do not cater to him and HIS emotions.  We do not honor and cherish this man as most children would with a father.

Then again most father’s actually go out of their way to show and be with their children.  They work hard and bust their ass, and do what is necessary to make sure their children know that they are loved, honored, and are worth their fathers time.

Not this man, in fact, he has tried to have sex with both myself and my sister.  For me, it was the first two weeks of knowing him that he tried to touch and have sex with me.

I don’t have the full story on my sister’s experience, but hopefully, her story will be written soon and will be posted.

This man went to prison for 4 years for molesting his step-daughter Dina, and yet he claims that it was a mutual thing (Yet she was under 18).

This man still thinks he has the right to talk to me the way he does, talk to my sister the way he does, and expects respect from my children, even though he has never tried to visit or contribute to their lives.

Even if he tried, it would have to be under supervision because I would be too afraid that he would try to rape my daughter or my nieces, and then claiming that they wanted it all along.

Of course, because that is what dirty nasty men like him always say right?


What spawned this anger tonight, out of years of rage over the selfishness of this man was the fact that he had to take a photo from my grand-daughters father’s page, a photo of my grand-daughter and her father, and he posted it to his facebook, claiming to his non-existent friends how proud he was to be a great grandfather.sarah

Maybe by blood buddy, but you will never mean anything to her ever.

Simply because you do not care to get out of your own way, you will not ever even try to come meet her to get to know her.  My daughter neither knows you or cares for you, because you have done NOTHING to contribute to her life.

You do not even deserve to call myself, Angela, nor our baby brother, your children.  We are only just products of your sperm.  Because of you, we have each other, and until you have the true unselfishness to contain your selfishness, to be a decent person who actually cares about more than just himself, you will be nothing to us, or at the very least to me…

Father and daughterI know I could keep going, but this was just enough to get off my chest in order to feel better on the inside so that I can now be the best grand mother to my brand new beautiful little grand-daughter.

I love you so much Sarah.  Next up will be how amazing my daughter is, and how proud I am of her strength and commitment.Bubba and his niece

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