Desperation Will NOT Get You What You Ask For

I hate to say the words that God is a royal pain in the tuckus.  Yet I love the Source of all things so much and am so grateful for the lessons that I have been taught.

A medium once told me that a message the heavens wanted me to hear was this, “I will only always have exactly what I need, nothing more than that”. 

For so many years that statement has plagued me, worrying that it meant I was never going to be financially abundant.  It wasn’t until this moment, during my soul writing, that the entire answer hit me right in the freaking third eye.

I was asking today, yet again for a way that at least $100,000 could land in my lap for me to get out of my “job” so that I could just start working for myself.  Now because of my daily writing, I have discovered that I have a lot to be thankful for already.

Plus, I have all the tools that I need to make the money I am asking the universe for.  The ONLY thing that I have left to do is take the actions I need to take in order to get that money I am looking for.

I literally have everything else that I need.  You do not always see those things though when your desperation for an outcome, outweighs the means to get there.

This means that today, I realized that what is holding me back is my desperation to not act.  I wanted the money I asked for so badly in the past, combined with the fear that I would actually have to put forth some effort…

The Universe is vast and abundant, everyone who needs and asks for that abundance is entitled to receive it, but truly, what are you willing to do in order to #1. Show your gratitude for that abundance, and #2. What action are you willing to take in order to receive that abundance?

I am not saying that you have to work hard, or harder, but you do have to take time out of your everyday existence in order to take some action that will get you to the dream that you want to create for yourself.

Sure $100,000 could land in your lap tomorrow, however, that money means absolutely nothing, if you do not make the effort to invest it to make it grow.  I am choosing right now to take the necessary steps to build and create that abundance I am asking the Universe to help provide me with.

This means, taking the time out of each and everyday to do my Soul writing, and taking proper actions towards my inspiration in order to create the abundance I desire. 

Originally, I said that God is a pain in the tuckus… It’s like the Source of all is trying to teach us all through a sense of humor.  When that realization hit me today, it was almost like I could hear God’s chuckle right along side of mine. 

It was almost annoying, and yet I had such a sense of gratefulness for the way we are allowed to learn.

So, thank you for giving me the forethought to really dig deep into my consciousness in order to realize the answers that are deep within each and every one of us.

It really does take a deep commitment from us to write every day, and be truly open to the lessons that are deep within ourselves. When we are willing to listen and follow the inspirations and lessons given to us, big things will happen.

Remember, the next time you pray for or ask God to let something just “fall” in your lap, start writing about or meditating on the possible lessons you need to learn before you receive what you are asking for. 

Miracles happen all the time, so open up your heart and mind to the sound of the answer, and know you may not always like what your intuition says. Take the time to correct what you are accountable for and that miracle you are asking for might just happen.

Until next time my friends,

Love Rev. Heather Malloy

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