Feeling of Being Invisible? – One Solution to Overcome that Feeling!

This post originally started out a lot different than the course that I will be taking it.

Originally I was a little more focused on the negative side of feeling Invisible, but as you will see, due to a simple phrase that I am going to be talking about, I had an epiphany, as well as a little bit of an awakening on how to approach things.

The phrase that I am going to share with you, has a lot to do with manifesting a life of pure purpose. It is what we are all here to do, whether we know it or not. The problem that I was having before was realization, was that I was looking at some of these issues I talk about from the negative side of perception.

The phrase I heard today was: “It is the CONTRAST that causes us to ask for what we want.”

I personally have spent time wondering why bad things happen to anyone in life, and I know what I am about to say is going to come off as very unpopular with some, but you will understand where I am coming from on this when it is your time to really hear it.

I would love to take credit for having this theory, but I am not the first to suggest what I am about to. It does seem like common sense to me now, even though I rejected the premise of this idea in the past.

To sum up this theory, the reason why bad things happen to people is because we need to experience things, negative, as well as the positive in order to know exactly what we want, and do not want in life.

If life was perfect 100% of the time, then the concept of purpose, the concept of happiness or joy, and any other concept of positive living, health, and wellness would not exist. None of us would ever understand the true meaning of life itself, and so life would never need to exist to begin with.

The only reason why anything is invented in this life, is because there are problems that need to be solved. Therefore, we actually need for negative things to happen, so that we learn how to overcome, grow, and keep from ever experiencing those negative situations ever again.


This brings me to earlier, when I originally started this post.

I was going to talk about a negative feeling I have dealt with my entire life… and that is the feeling of being invisible.

It all started because of my previous post about “The Throw-Away Kid”. Since then, I only know of ONE person who actually took the time to read the post.

Just one… this automatically triggered that all too familiar negative feeling of being invisible, which I had begun writing about.

You see, I started writing about my internal thoughts and feelings in order to really do a deep dive into my continued spiritual growth and mental well-being, as well as a way for others to maybe pick up a few things for their own healing as well.

Of course there is that EGO part of me that would like for what I write to become influential for many!


Here is why I changed my tune around a little bit.

Obviously, I cannot write while I am driving, but I can get quiet. So I turned on one of my favorite speakers, and when she said “Contrast causes you to ask for what you want”, that comment stuck with me.

I have learned to listen to those inspirations, those little things that tend to trigger my intuition to jump up and take notice.

So I silenced my app and just focused on that comment for a little bit.


Only one person, that I know of, read my blog post even though I wanted it to gain traction with the people that I know and love.

I posted about it to social media, but still nothing happened.

Social media, like everything else in life, can be exactly what a person makes of it, whether good or bad. If you accept drama in your life, then social media will be nothing but drama for you.

If you use it as a tool, to be seen and be heard, by the people that you ALLOW into your life, then that is what social media will be.

Social Media’s algorithms are also like life…

When you tend to and nurture the people, so will they tend to and nurture you.

If you don’t spend time looking at your friends, family, and colleagues lives, they will NOT take the time for you…

See where I am getting at there?

This is what got me to thinking… what have I really done lately, to show the people I care about in my life that I appreciate them and that I do take the time to cherish them?

Honestly, I haven’t really done anything.

Which means my own feeling of invisibility is actually stemming from the fact that I have been making my friends invisible, up until the point that I want something from them…

And that is selfishness on my part.


Now, instead of feeling invisible, I am feeling more positive energy… the type of positive energy that will bring more.

Sometimes my friends, when you really take a look at why you feel so down, you will discover that what you are feeling is really a mirror effect of what you are doing.

I want to thank you all for taking the time to really read this post… let it sink in!

To all of our healing and well-being!!

Love, Heather.

Resource video “Ester Hicks – 17 Seconds”

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