Finding Your Soul’s Purpose through Mindful Writing

How to Find Your Souls Purpose – How to Find Your True Purpose in life.

Good morning my friends.

I did promise that I was going to have this written yesterday, however I was sidetracked with my husband’s trip to the Emergency room, so I apologize for those that have been waiting for this.

Does your soul do daily what you feel it needs to do in order for you to live the life you were meant to live?

There are many different ways for people to connect with God, Spirit, the Universe, or whatever your version of belief is.  There are also many ways to get in deep with ourselves to heal, to grow, to learn about who we are. 

Today, I am going to be talking about one of the most profound ways we can do all of this rather quickly.

I am talking about Mindful Writing!!

Mindful Writing is one of the most effective ways to mapping your soul purpose and reach that most intimate depth within ourselves in order to achieve that which we crave… Connection!

Connection to our Purpose, Connection to our Soul, Connection to that which has created us, and Connection to the Answers we all have within ourselves to the most profound questions we ask about Life.

If you were to ask my opinion on the subject, I would say that “Mindful writing is magic” for several reasons:

When you begin to write, even if all you are doing is writing about the day’s events, what your wishes are, or even to just vent about a situation you are going through, as you write, answers begin showing up for you.

Writing allows you to engage with yourself in a very intimate way, putting your words, your wishes, your essence into those pages, or into the screen in front of you.  This gives you a chance to “see” yourself from an “outside” view. 

Sometimes that “outside” perspective helps see things a little more clearly.

What is Soul Purpose Definition? That part of each and everyone of us, that craves to know that we exist, and find that which allows us to feel connection to that existence.

When you engage with yourself through writing, you start to truly see yourself for WHO you really are. You become intimate with your faults, your patterns, your choices, your strengths… You get in touch with your own being.

Once you have discovered how to connect with your being, your Soul, you find that you start feeling a more profound connection to everything around you, including your connection to the Source of Everything.

So, what is the difference between just writing and Mindful writing?  Intention and Purpose.

You can write words down on a paper, you can write all day long, and you might even stumble upon the answers you are seeking.  Eventually, you will achieve the results I am speaking of after some time, maybe rather quickly depending on your emotional maturity and sense of personal accountability.

Mindful writing though, will help the less emotionally mature person grow into someone who has the capacity to be aware of and in control of their emotions in all situations and environments with good judgment.

When you write with Intention and Purpose, you open yourself up wider to the messages that are always ever present.

When I say writing with Intention, I mean that from the very beginning, as you sit down to write even your first page that you will be changing yourself in profound ways, mindfully paying attention to the changes in your self physically as well as the growth you will experience emotionally and spiritually.

There is a process to Mindfully writing to find your Soul’s purpose.

You can begin writing right now, and even have your first “communion” with your Higher Self as early as tonight, but there is a process to purposefully and profoundly finding your Soul’s Purpose in the most fulfilling way.

When going through this process, you will need to keep the following in mind:

  1. You need to clear out your “junk”
  2. What do you really want out of life?
  3. Who do you WANT to be?
  4. What questions do you want answered?
  5. Are you holding yourself accountable?
  6. Are you paying attention?
  7. What are you thankful for? Are you showing gratitude for what you already have and who you already are?

That’s it for today friends…

Stay tuned because soon I will be talking about a couple of the biggest blocks I had to let go of to start becoming more successful!

  1. Becoming Accountable for my Damn Self!!!!
  2. Learning what it meant to “Love myself, before I could love others”

Soon, I will also be diving deep into the process of “How to Mindfully write to find Your Soul’s Purpose”

Just a little hint, this will be a free training I will be giving away in the very near future. Until then….


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