Healing Through Meditation

Today’s Afformation: Why am I so attuned to God?

An afformation is a positive question that we ask ourselves in order to truly achieve what it is we are asking for (Ask and you shall receive). I do this instead of using affirmations which is a positive statement that you are to repeat over and over again, until you believe it.

Like Noah St. John asks in his book “The Secret Code of Success”, how are affirmations supposed to work if deep down your subconscious rejects the positive statements you don’t believe in the first place?

Meditation is the mode I like to use when I am afforming. I set my intention, ask my afforming question, close my eyes, and I sit for at least 10 minutes until the answer is given. It usually comes in a form of positive inspiration, then I take action on that inspiration.

I do have the title of Reverend, or Minister, however I am not tied to any particular religion. My beliefs are revolved more around a faith of ideas that we are all energy bodies. Life around us, Life within us, Life that is outside of us and outside of this earth is all energy. As energy, we are all connected.

Questions to Ponder

What does divine intervention actually look like? Has anyone ever been able to experience visual connection as well as mental and emotional connection?

I ask this question because there are times where the expectation of what I want to get, is not the same thing as what I actually receive. I sometimes crave the honor of having visual connection as well as the energetic connection that I feel towards the divine.

Say for instance a medium, they are so attuned to their craft that it is just natural for them. Are mediums able to have conversations with the divine?

Each and every one of us has the potential to be mediums. The problem is, we do not have the ability to focus on the messages being received. Until you are attuned, this craft requires tremendous amount of effort on our part. So it will not come as naturally to those who do not practice mediumship daily. Even a well attuned medium can lose their ability in a crisis.

How I Connect to the Divine

During my meditation, or Imagination Therapy, I walk along these stone steps that allow me to climb a large stone mountain. I come upon a large cave at the top of this landing that I am standing on. I notice a tunnel at the back of this cave, behind a giant stone, acting almost like a door.

I walk into this tunnel, which takes me deeper and deeper into the mountain. Just as I begin to lose all light behind me, I begin to see this glow of brilliant white light in front of me.

I allow this light to guide me even farther into the mountain, until finally it opens up into a large cavern. The strange but brilliant white light that led me here is an illumination from this being dancing around a fire in the middle of the cavern.

This being of light is also radiating peace, love, safety, and best of all, Happiness and Gratitude!

Everything he is radiating is flowing right into my own being, filling me up with this immense feeling of empowerment that is almost overwhelming.

This being beckons me to come closer and invites me to begin dancing. I begin by swaying along with the sound of music that I feel welling up within me, within my own body of energy. The sway starts to move into a twirl. As I begin twirling, swaying and moving around the fire, I get the most ultimate sense of release. Release from everything holding me back, as if I now own complete and total freedom.

The being of light asks me why I have come as we dance. I say “I need connection, I feel separated from that which makes me feel whole, and I do not know where to find it. I have come to find that connection”.

The being of light tells me “You need love. Let go of Ego, let go of your expectations, let go of judgement, let go. Let each moment flow into you, and notice the taste, the smell, and how each moment makes you feel. Be grateful and move to the next moment. As you do this, allow yourself to love each moment. Allow yourself to love everyone around you.”

The being of light begins to fold itself all around me, cocooning me into waves of safe, warm acceptance and love. As I am feeling into this embrace, letting these waves of love crash over me and threw me, the being of light says “You are safe, you are loved. Follow with love in your heart, and light in your body, and you will be ok!”

I begin to float out of the cavern, feeling so overwhelmingly positive, refreshed and happy. Down the tunnel I float, radiating my own light, love, and compassion, until my feet lightly touch the floor in the cave.

The air outside is the perfect warmth as I begin to descend the stone steps, onto a beach.

I sit on the beach for a moment to allow everything that just happened fill my entire being. I allow myself to feel gratitude for my connection, and for my ability to visualize that connection.

Thank you

I am so grateful that you took the time to read my rambling today.

Do you have a hard time feeling your connection? Do you crave the feeling of wanting someone to see you, for everything you are? If you were face to face with God, The Source, the being of light, or whomever you pray to, what would you say you were there seeking?

You can answer these questions in our discussion #harnessyourbeing.

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