Helping Yourself to Succeed

What is the cost of allowing myself to succeed?


  1. I would have to let go of my fear of failure – I mean what will happen if I do succeed? Are people going to expect more of me?
  2. I would have to get up every day and work for myself, while also
  3. I would have to hire and support my own staff.
  4. I could hire a manager and have meetings with said managers to make sure that everything was running smoothly.

This gives me chills. Good chills, which means that this is something that I really want. I would hire a CPA to keep my balances straight.

Noah says in his book “The Secret Code of Success” that we are like an iceberg. 10% of our consciousness is above the surface. This 10% is our Conscious mind, the part of the mind where we make conscious decisions. The part of us that wants to succeed.

Then there is the other 90% of our consciousness that is below the surface. This is our Subconscious mind. The part that begins to set in the fear when we do start to succeed. The part that is holding us back.

That 90% is the part of us that most of the self-help books, seminars, trainings, etc. are telling us to reprogram, yet if all of that is what is lying beneath the surface, then supporting a level of vibration to change that part of us seems almost inconceivable.

However, if you look at those in this world that are most successful, it is because their subconscious is not holding them back. They may have even started life with little to nothing, but they never let that stop them. They still became successful, not by working super hard, but by doing exactly what it is they love to do and being confident about it.

Successful people do not ask questions like “why am I not good enough”, they ask questions like “What is my adventure going to be like today?”.  Then they just go with it. (Basically, they are not sabotaging themselves with negative questions.

That is why Noah teaches us how to use the RIGHT questions to boost our success level mind, and enhance our subconscious mind into a level that will allow us to take the RIGHT actions without the negative inner talk that is holding us back.

Once we start asking ourselves the right questions, our conscious minds start imagining what our new successful life starts looking like. When the eek starts to creep in, we then just ask ourselves the RIGHT question again to bring us back into our creative imaginative mind.

Or you then can start using the “spell breakers” that Jeff Buehner talks about in his Challenge.

Either way, once that image takes hold of what we really want, that is when we subconsciously start acting towards those new goals, the ones that we are now automatically manifesting.

So I ask myself then, what is my next step.

Using Noah’s techniques then, what do I want to ask myself today?

Why am I so Successful?

Why am I so Lucky?

Why am I so Confident?

Why is my dream business so lucrative and successful?

The feeling that comes over me is inspiration. My creative juices begin to flow. My imagination starts to spin!

But what is holding me back?

My distraction. I get so easily distracted in tedious things like my phone. FOMO in Social Media. But I am missing my success when I worry too much about what other people are doing.

What would I do if I wasn’t being distracted? You see I get lost in the disorganization of my mind. I know what I need to do, but for some reason I get lost when creating that list.

It is like that situation I have when cleaning. I start cleaning one section, come upon something I have to move or haven’t seen in a while, and then start working on that.

Hope you enjoyed today’s rambling.

I am a Certified Life Coach, specializing in Life Transformation using uncommon methods like the Success Code, Imagination Therapy, and E.K.

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