Finding My Way of Life

This is the 2nd Chapter about Heather searching for her purpose in this life. Today, we are going to explore a concept that is not new for a certain part of our world, a place in which I believe a lot of us could learn and benefit from.

Not Seeing the Solution Right in Front of Me

You know, everything comes to us when the timing is right. This includes our AH-HA moments.

I have been searching for something I could teach my readers… something that I have knowledge of, that could solve a problem for my readers while incorporating it into my business.

The problem was I wasn’t seeing the answer that was literally right there, the WHOLE entire time. I am laughing at myself right now for not seeing it before.

Getting Into the Right Space Daily

We are human – our basic needs are warmth when it is cold, shade when it is too hot, plenty of water to keep us hydrated, natural food that nourishes our bodies, and some sort of companionship whether it is connection to another person or an activity that stimulates our mind and soul.

by Heather Malloy

I wrote the above while in my creative mindset time. It is the quiet time that I get myself into when I want to really find the answers that I am seeking.

While in this state, I want to be as comfortable as I can be. For me especially now that it has been snowing, this means my favorite reclining couch, my rolling desk, the sound of a crackling fire, my hot and VERY spiced cider in my favorite mug, and my doggos all snuggled up either in the room or next to me on the couch.

There are times where I light incense, candles, or have both burning at the same time.

I focus on the question I want to answer, and just sit in the peace and quiet, without distraction until inspiration comes to me.

Typically I will write in my journal to start, but as I get rolling, I will switch over to my computer and WALLA… Content… or a lesson, or something that my readers can consume that is going to help them in their journey. (At least this is the purpose that I am going for)

Along the way, I have my own AH-HA moments, and today is no exception, in fact today was a huge giant lightbulb moment, that has been with me this whole time.

My Personal Discovery

Who AM I? I am an extroverted introvert, who seeks comfort, joy, connection, and growth in her life. I love to be entertained as well as to entertain, I extremely love camping with my most adored people around me, laughing and having fun, and I am a creative business coach who focuses on network marketing because of it’s potential to be the MOST lucrative for people who are seeking a simple lifestyle like myself.

My business website is titled “Life’s Creative Solutions” because for me, being able to live your life your way, on your terms, the way that makes your heart sing and your soul vibrate means living it creatively through your own knowledge, truth, and complete authentic self.

This was always my concept for building my business, but what I didn’t see, the truth that I was completely blind to was… the reason why it was my concept for building my business was BECAUSE I want to live a cozy, simple life, on my terms, my way, making connections with people by being exactly WHO I AM.

Are You Confused Yet?

I have knowledge on how to build a Network Marketing Business, and so I am building that course up now in order to teach others… but most all business coaches have a lesson where they have you visualize and write down exactly who your perfect prospect is and what problem you can solve for them…

Well basically, what my “epiphany” was in my discovery was that my perfect prospect is someone who is seeking to make an income for themselves, so that they can live a life that makes them feel fulfilled, in comfort, joy, and by being their most authentic self, without having to worry about feeling like a creepy, salesy weirdo who just wants to sell, sell, sell.

Like me, my perfect prospect loves money, but not because they believe it brings them power. They love money because they can use it as a tool to live each day in their perfect home, with the creature comforts that bring them joy, that allows them to pay their bills, while also going where they want to go at any given moment without worrying about not having enough.

My perfect prospect just needs a source for bringing in income, a course that will show them exactly what to do with it, and give them the tools needed to attract their own perfect prospect, plus help them learn how to duplicate the process, for a sustainable and growing income.

The Secret to My Success?

My love of comfort is the secret to my success. This is where I get into my creative zone,

If I have a zoom meeting, I don’t stress, I just make sure that both myself and the person that I am meeting are both comfortable…

Professionalism does not mean that you have to wear the most expensive clothes or have perfect hair. It just means that you have to be competent in what you are doing.

Well when I am in my comfort zone, I have the confidence to show how competent I am with the skills that I have.