The Sad Truth About Traffic Exchanges – Why They Never Work

The Truth About Traffic Exchange Programs and Guaranteed Traffic


Sure, it is an easy way for your stuff to get traffic to your AD, but no one is truly going to see YOUR STUFF. 

Every person in a traffic exchange, EVER, is always there to advertise their own thing.

We are all clicking every day to get someone to see our ad, our link, our thing that is supposed to be making us money… So how is that going for you?

Well, if you are reading this right now, I can safely assume that it isn’t going as well for you as you would like it to be.

I know, because I used to live through those days of clicking for traffic, only to get a lot of views, but no real leads out of the deal. 

That is what we are all here for, right?  Leads, that are either going to buy from us or even better… join us in our affiliate teams.

TRUTH: Your links in your traffic exchange are not getting the results you want because they are not “catchy” enough.

You only have seconds in most exchanges for your link(s) to be seen, which means that you need to work on your messaging…

Just putting up your affiliate link is not enough, because NO ONE is going to take the time to watch the video, or really look through your products. 


  • to have an OFFER that is going to ENTICE that person to make a split-second decision that will allow you to CAPTURE their information, thus making them your lead.
  • This OFFER needs to attract the RIGHT person from the very beginning. (attracting the RIGHT person from the start gives you a much higher chance that they will become your team member or customer)

Once they are your LEAD, you now can take them under your wing, teach them something of value, that pertains to your affiliations AND your FINAL offer (That which makes you the most money).


You don’t always get to narrow down WHO your target is, when creating the Ads in the TE’s.

You’re an online entrepreneur, unless you are brand new to this game, I am sure that you have heard it said that if you are selling to everyone, then you are selling to no one.  Well, this is EXTREMELY TRUE in the Traffic Exchange communities.

Most of them are no good anyway because they are systems that can be cheated, their timers are not long enough for anyone to really want to pay attention to your AD or Offer Page. 

So this is why getting your MESSAGING right in your Offer Page is extremely important!


NO, not all TE’s are the same.

After many years of testing and working with hundreds, if not thousands of them, I have only come up with 3 that I have had success with:

All three I am a pro members at…

  • Traffic Swarm – I post this one first because I have been a Pro Member with them for 10 years… maybe more, and I have had some amazing success with it!
  • Leads LeapYes, definitely my second favorite.  I don’t really need to click ALL day for my credits… being a pro member allows you Pro Ads, without credits.  Plus, you have an entire funnel system right at your finger tips (Funnel builder, Offer Page builder, Pop-up creator, Hosting service (your own images included), and Email Marketing)  All of this for only $27 per month ($14 for the first).  Commission for referrals… Even more amazing than TrafficSwarm…
  • CashJuice which has you sign up to Traffic Ad Bar.  (These two programs connect with one another to bring you traffic views. (One time only upgrade fee, less than $30)  Commission is $7.35 for those referrals who upgrade… AND, if you choose to go PRO, it is $19.99 per month and your referrals who go pro will give you a monthly commission of $7.99 per month.

Yes, if you click any of the links above, you will be taken to my referral pages for each of these…

Yes, if you decide to sign up to any of these, I will be the one to earn a commission.

The difference between working with me, compared to any other uplines… I will not only support you, but also give you extensive training… and I mean the type of training that I received from tuition based coaches and classes that have given me the knowledge to build my online business to where it is today.


I want you to think of it this way.  Lets say I have ONE person that I refer to all three, that pays me $24.49 for one month. 

If all I need really in order to not have to clock in to a “JOB” is $3000 per month, then all I need to do is sustain a Team of 123 members (referrals). 

Now, if you are offering those members support, professional training, and show them how to create a and GIVE a higher ticket item to sell, say like $197 course, don’t you think it would be pretty easy to maintain a small list of team members like that?

(Just as an FYI, I also sell that course to about 1 person per day that isn’t a team member) 

So let’s do the math… If I have lets say 123 members at $24.49 per month, that is $3012.27 per month.  Then, I also sell about one of my courses per day, which is $197 course, which is $5910.  I make roughly $6222.27 per month.  Take out the $113.99 that pay to the 3 programs I use (there are two more that I use, that I haven’t discussed yet) and that is a profit of approximately $6108.28.

Now, I am just using this as a base estimate.

I am not about to start talking about myself and how amazing I am… all I will say is this.  I work strictly from the comfort of my own laptop… anywhere and everywhere I want.

And I want you to be able to do the same thing, if this is what your heart desires.

Full disclosure, I am a Online Entrepreneur’s Coach.  I have an entire course that I am building as we speak, detailing everything that I do that has built me the business that I run today.

Most of these other coaches, while they are very knowledgeable, don’t really give you the details that you need in order to really take the proper steps that is going to get you where you need to be.

I do.  Why? Because I have been in this position where I was stuck for YEARS, trying to make this online business and marketing thing work for me.

It wasn’t until I found the Mentor that gave it all to me straight!!  He was open, he was honest, and he told me the shit that I didn’t want to hear, so that I could start doing the RIGHT things.

That really is all there is to it, finding that ONE person who is going lay it all out, give you the information that will teach you, then lay out the steps that will get you there.

Do you need Traffic Exchanges, NO.  So why do you really use them?

I use them because you my friend were my target lead.  You are someone who is just trying to make the money you need and want so you can live the type of life you feel you can only dream of.

You are trying to make this online affiliation thing work, because you believe that this will be the thing that gets you where you need to go.

By succeeding, this means that:

•              You can get out of a place or situation you feel no longer serves your best interest. 

•              you might be able to finally pay some bills.

•              You want to afford to live comfortably, maybe even take a vacation or two

•              Maybe you just want to be able to afford the creature comforts that make living a lot better.

I am going to encourage you though to start dreaming BIG.  The bigger the better, but the trick is… Allowing yourself to believe that you can achieve that big dream.

You know how I realized that I COULD start dreaming bigger and bigger?  By starting with my small goals, achieving them, and then challenging myself to slightly larger goals, and achieving them.

I know it may be counter-intuitive to state what I am about to, considering I just told you to set smaller goals and achieving, however… I no longer set goals at all…

I set STANDARDS to reach instead of Goals to accomplish.  I find that in doing this, I have reached some heights that I never realized could exist for me.


Bottom line, you need:

1.            Messaging that is going to get other TE (traffic exchange) members to pay attention.


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