Why Am I an Entrepreneur?

Many people do not understand the Entrepreneurial mindset, and honestly, that is exactly what Entrepreneurialism is… a mindset.

Being an entrepreneur is the same as being a full-time employee.  The only difference is, the entrepreneur is making their money for themselves and not trading their precious time for dollars.

There is the SAME amount of security as an entrepreneur, or business owner, as there is for an employee, which is still minimal at best.  As far as security goes though, the major difference between being the boss and the employee is, as a business owner or entrepreneur (the boss), you decide when your job is over, but as the employee someone else is making that decision for you.

Well, I don’t like it when other make decisions for me, especially when it comes to the financial well-being of my household, and my family.

I am lucky that the entire burden of my family’s finances and well-being doesn’t just lie on my shoulders, but there are still people out there whose entire livelihood is the soul worry of one person.

Well, when you put your faith in a company, which I have time and time again, you want to have a sense of security that you will have that job to make sure that you are making the money you need in order to even just survive to the next week.

Now, one of my major problems wasn’t necessarily the amount of money that I was making.  My biggest problem was maintaining the amount of passion or even just care for the job that I was doing in order to keep doing it proficiently.

In order for passion to be sustained, there must be some level of trust, communication, and the feeling of worth in that relationship, because let’s be honest, a job is a type of relationship that you have with your boss as well as your fellow co-workers. 

Now, if you are someone like me, you want to be able to go to a job, do the work that you are skilled and proficient at, and maybe even get a thank you or “Heather, you did a good job today”.  I don’t need high praise or someone kissing my ass.  I also don’t want to be that person recognized simply because my head is so far up the bosses butt that you can’t tell where I end and they begin.

Yet this is one of the biggest issues that I have, the amount of politics there is in the common workplace.  Instead of getting paid what your worth for a job because you are doing it well, you are actually competing against someone else who is more willing to suck up for their promotion, rather than work, which is why you are in that job to begin with.

That is why being an entrepreneur is a mindset. If you are someone, who is willing to work, and get paid for what they put in to that work, then you should be an entrepreneur. If you are someone who prefers to suck up to your bosses in order to get that promotion, then this line of work definitely is not for you.

Here is where some entrepreneurs get stuck… they are working too hard for the end result. One of my new favorite books is called The One Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth About Extraordinary Results, by Gary Keller. He talks about how multi-tasking is a myth when it comes to efficiency. Typically, when we multitask, we lose sight of what we are doing with one or two of those tasks and then need to start over.

If you have that Entrepreneurial mindset, and want to learn more about working smarter, instead of harder, join me in my online community at

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