You Were Born Powerful – Exposed Truths Will Lead to Your Desires

You are already who you need to be to become what you desire!!

To become the thing that you have always desired to be, you must first realize the true power that you possess that allows you to become your desire. 

It was today, in an earlier moment, that I realized what this truly means.  

You are already who you need to be to become what you desire. 

Nothing is unattainable if you have the power to imagine it. 

So, what holds us back from attaining what we desire? 

The only thing that truly holds us back from attaining what we desire for ourselves, is… ourselves. 

No one else keeps you from the thing that you wish. 

You might convince yourself that external sources are holding you back, but nothing is truly holding you back, except your own fear of change in your place and circumstance. 

Maybe it is a “loved” one, who has you convinced that you are not smart enough, but to be convinced means that you are allowing yourself to believe that which they have told you. 

You, alone, are the only one who can overcome and move beyond the beliefs that others attempt to instill in you. 

Maybe it was you who convinced yourself that no one else will let you move forward because you perceive it to be true.   

In truth, it is only you who holds you where you are.  No one is stopping you from achieving anything except your own perception that you are being held in position. 

If you moved one foot in front of the other, and continued to do so, wouldn’t you find yourself in a completely different place.  It is only YOU who move your feet, no one else. 

Let’s not trivialize it by saying “but some people do not have feet to move forward.”  They alone will find a way to move.   

Whether by chair or some other mode, they willed themselves to find a way to move, and so they did. 

Illusion of what we are, does NOT make us Who we are

I am a woman who lives in a society where there is chaos about what gender and color might be.

Where people want to argue that there is a difference between us simply because of the gender we were born with or the difference in the shade of our skin. 

The only difference between myself and any other human is simply the perception that I hold of myself in comparison to all other individuals that reside within the confines of this planet that we call earth. 

I am no better; I am no worse than any other person, especially when what is better or worse is merely a matter of EGO and personal perception.   

Another person may try to imply that I am inferior or superior to them, but it really has nothing to do with me. 

It is only their Ego that is satisfied when it perceives that it has more or less power than another. 

I simply continue to walk my path, continuously removing obstacles, or delighting in new things as they appear in front of me.

How do you fix what is holding you back?

The process I am about to share with you takes a great deal of personal honesty. You will need to really hold yourself accountable for your own thoughts, beliefs, and actions.

Really reflect on everything you learned above… Knowing that YOU alone are the creator of your own reality, and that YOU alone can change your own life and circumstance. Begin your journey now:

Step 1: Getting Clear on Your Desires

  1. Get a piece of paper, or use your favorite word processor.
  2. The first thing you are going to write is that thing which you desire.
    • This is going to take some depth. Imagine that you have all the material things you desire already. You already possess everything you dream of. What I want you to write down is what it is your life looks like now that you have everything you want.
    • Who are the type of people in your life?
    • What do you do to pass every day?
    • What are you doing, with whom to FEEL happy and content now that you have EVERYTHING?

Step 2: Getting Clear on Your Obstacles

  1. Reflect on what your perfect life looks like. Get to know the type of people are there, really SEE how you act and what you do, then write down everything you do in your life today that keeps you from living that life of desire.
  2. This can be turned into an actionable list, something you can start working on piece by piece, bit by bit in order to really start living your desirable life.


You might begin seeing not only a pattern of behavior, but you might also begin seeing that the people, places, things, and beliefs that you have held onto, really do not serve you, your life’s purpose, or even the path you realize you need to be on in order to fulfill your desire.

Only you can find your work arounds, keep what you are going to allow, and let go of what doesn’t serve you.

If you find that by holding on to these things is what makes you happy, then do so, with the understanding that by holding on, may be the very thing holding you back.

Again, be completely honest with yourself through this process.

Step 3: Let the Magic Happen

  1. Everyday, give yourself 10 minutes at the very minimum to go over the things you have changed, and reflect on the things you still need to work on.
    • By reflecting, you will take note of what is working for you and what isn’t. Have courage knowing that you are working on achieving your true desire
  2. Give yourself another 10 minutes per day to work on another step in your list, whether it is attaining some knowledge you need in order to keep proceeding, or giving yourself the space to let go of that person, belief or thing…
  3. Take INSPIRED action. This one will happen, sometimes when you do not realize it is happening.
    • As you begin on this journey of growth and learning to live the life you desire, you will have moments of inspiration. Take action on those inspirations… you never know what may come of them!!

The Importance of Journaling and Why I Do It

Journal or not, it doesn’t matter to me, but I use journaling as my means of learning how I have held myself back from the things I desire.

I journal so that I can see the truth, that was once in me, right in front of me, so that I can reflect then decide if those words are worth keeping or not.

If they are not, I can then come up with a new plan, a new routine, even if it is the smallest of things that I can to in order to change my mind, which will get me closer to that thing which I desire.

It’s the ONE thing that each of us wants in our own life… Purpose and fulfillment which brings daily bliss. The one thing that allows us to feel like our lives are worth the trouble of living.

Honestly, this entire blog is my journal, my knowledge and all my creations from my knowledge.

There are many who completely refuse to journal, and that is perfectly fine… what they may or may not discover is that by refusing to do a thing may be the very thing that is keeping them from achieving more.

You just never know until you try.

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